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The reason most athlete's fail to reach their athletic dream isn't because of a lack of talent, or because they aren't willing to do the work.  In my experience the biggest reason athlete's don't achieve their dream is  because they haven't conditioned the tools required to maximize the ONE opportunity they have.


I've packaged my years of experience in the NFL, every tool I picked up along the way, and every strategy I continue to gain inside the PRO Academy, to solve that problem!

My Journey To The NFL

April 29, 2007 I got the call that I had been anticipating my who life, I had been drafted by the Chargers.

However, the road to get there would push me past my comfort levels, as I met with defining moments, challenges,  and obstacles that ultimately shaped me into the athlete and person I needed to become to have a career in the league.

After losing a Quarterback battle I thought I won my sophomore year in college, I was devastated!  It was the first time in my life I was faced with the reality that my dream to play in the NFL might not happen.

I remember thinking, “how could I make it to the NFL when I wasn’t even a starter on my college team.”


 I quickly plotted to transfer schools in order to get a “fair” opportunity and a "new look". I even called coaches that had recruited me in High School to line up a scholarship had I decided to transfer.


It was in that moment that I had to look in the mirror and be real with myself! I realized that I had lost confidence in my game and started to doubt my abilities.

In my gut I knew I wasn’t playing to my full potential because up until that point, I had allowed the distractions of trying to please my coaches, comparing myself to my competition, the feeling that I wasn’t being given a fair opportunity, and wasn't focusing on being the best player that I could be, and the adjustments I would need to make to play to my full potential. 


It was in that moment the promise I made to myself was if my dream of playing in the NFL wasn't going to happen, it would be on my terms!

So  rather than transferring schools, the decision I made was to stay as Boise State's backup Quarterback, but with a renewed focus to doing everything I could to MY best!

I told myself if I wasn't going to make it, it would be because I did everything I physically could and I wasn't good enough, not because of a coach, a lack of an opportunity, or any other reason  outside of my control and I dedicated myself to becoming the best I could absolutely be -  every single day.


My sole focused shifted to so prepared for my opportunity when it presented itself  that I would take the starting spot and never give it back, but that opportunity never came. 

​Long story short I ended up switching positions to Wide Receiver after a conversation with a scout, and wanting to contribute, attacking it with the same mentality (to play at my highest level).


I don't know what your athletic dream is but,

I share my journey with you because EVERY athlete will face a number of defining moments in their journey, and if you haven't conditioned the all of the skills that you will need in the moments that matter most, you won't be ready to maximize your opportunities to your full potential when you are presented with them.

I can tell you first hand having played on the highest level from my personal experience and the thousands of players I have played with, it's not always fair, the "best player" doesn't always get the exposure, and talent won't separate you when your competing on the high school level and beyond.

I've packaged my years of experience in the NFL, every tool I picked up along the way, and every strategy I continue to gain inside the PRO Academy, so that you have the tools and resources to maximize the ONE opportunity you have!

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