Football Speed Workout, No Equipment Required

Hill training is a form of training that has been around for a long time, athletes like Jerry Rice, and Walter Payton (to name a few) who are famous for training on the hill throughout their careers in the NFL.

Check out this Speed workout, that requires no equipment except the steepest hill you can find.

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Walter Payton

Walter Payton is arguably one of the top Running Backs in NFL history and revolutionized the way the position was played. When it came to his training and preparation, Walter Payton was one of the first athletes that raised the bar in his level of conditioning. He knew that to become a champion, he must push himself beyond his own mental and physical limits, and hill training was one of his favorite tools to push him past his comfort zone.

Jerry Rice

Another player that revolutionized the way the position is played, was Jerry Rice. He was famous for "The Hill" that he trained on every off season. Whether it was late in the fourth quarter, during one of his Super Bowl appearances, or in the latter stages of his career, #80 never shut down. He would race past double teams, out leap corners on jump balls and shed tacklers to break free into the end zone. And he did it for two decades!

When you don't have access to your trainer, or equipment, the examples listed above with Jerry and Walter are prime examples of how using a simple approach to training can pay big dividends. The next time you're stuck with no equipment, but still want to get an intense training session, mix this one in. The only pieces of equipment you’ll need for this workout is the steepest hill you can find and your legs.