Wired To Win With Legedu Naanee


Have you ever had the experience of talking to someone who brings out stories that you've never thought to share, or ask questions that allow you to go deeper into things that you skip over because your feel like it's common knowledge? I have that experience that every time I'm interviewed.

Today’s episode is from an interview I did on the Never Settle Mindcast with my friend Jason T. Conforti. Jason asks so though provoking questions into my journey of becoming a Pro athlete, how I navigated some of the most challenging times in my career, and how I pivoted from professional football into a business man, and mentor/coach for young athletes.

If you are into personal growth, mindset, and the things we talk about on Wired To Win, I recommend you give the Never Settle Mindcast a listen!

Tune into the full episode with guest host, Jason T Conforti. Don't forget to leave a rating and review!


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